Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Did You Think of The Shoes?

Usually when I buy brand new running shoes, it takes a few runs for them to start breaking in. With these, I never had that problem. They felt good from the start. That helps me out since I run more like a penguin than a gazelle.


I honestly never thought about the shoes the entire time. Even right now when I think back about it nothing comes to mind. So I guess that means they did their job perfectly.


The shoes had a great cushion system that I found to be very helpful in long distances. I want to start training for marathons and this is going to be a huge issue.



Elizabeth said...

What a great journey! Makes me proud to have just bought my fifth pair in a row of Saucony Hurricanes ... I hope you get the account - good luck!

ryssee said...

Great shoes, great blog. I used to sell this brand in a previous life and thought they were the best. Still do and still buy.
Keep it coming!

The Ruler of The Empire said...

Where can I get those. Been looking for that exact pair forever and can't find them. I had three pairs and need another. They were my favorites.